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2mm Timbertech High Density / Heavy Duty Underlay

Flooring Underlay FAQ's

This will depend on the type of sub-floor you are fitting your new flooring to, if it is slightly uneven in places, has potential mosture from concrete etc. We stock a full selection of underlays for all types of scenrarios. You can speak to one of our flooring experts on our live chat at any time for advice on the best underlay for your floor.

Not always, sometimes an underlay can be too thick for your new floor. For example if you are fitting a 7mm laminate, using the Sonic Gold 5mm underlay would not be advisable as it may cause issues with the click system on your floor with how soft the underlay is underneath. Most often it is better to look for density rather than thickness with flooring underlay.

In most cases it's advisable to install fresh new underlay for your new flooring project, this will prolong the lifespan of your new floor. In some cases it may be fine to re-use your existing underlay, such as if it was laid recently or uses a material which doesn't compress or crumble over time.

Flooring Underlays

We provide a full range of underlay options for your flooring to suit every possible kind of sub-floor, including underlay for conrete floors, underlay for uneven floors & underfloor heating underlay. Our friendly support staff can quickly help you choose the correct type of underlay for your project, new floor and sub-floor.