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Silver Shadow 12mm

Silver Shadow 12mm

Discontinued Product - No Longer Available

Krono Original Eurohome Vario+ 12mm collection not only satisfies your demand for unmatched quality and easy installation. Its V-grooves also create the cosy look of a genuine solid hardwood floor. The grooves give your floor a unique and charming solid plank appearance as well as creating a sense of space. So if you’re looking to give your room a breathtaking new lease of life, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

A Detailed Overview

Silver Shadow 12mm

12mm Thickness

Premium range laminate at 12mm thick, ideal for most rooms in the home as well as commercial traffic.

1285mm Board Length

Each board in every pack of the this Laminate Flooring is 1285mm long

192mm Board Width

Each board in every pack of this Laminate Flooring is 192mm wide

1.48m2 Coverage

Each pack of this Laminate Flooring will cover 1.48m² of flooring

AC4 Rating

Designed to withstand heavy domestic traffic, and light commercial traffic in areas such as retail stores.

25 Year Residential Warranty

This product comes with a lengthy 20 year residential wear warranty

Eco Friendly

All our laminate floors are environmentally friendly as standard, with wood originating from sustainable forests

Made In Germany

This product is manufactured in Germany by state-of-the-art eco-friendly production systems, and with simple installation in mind

Antibacterial Coating

This laminate has been treated with an antibacterial coating