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Engineered Wood Flooring

We have a great selection of stunning engineered wood flooring available, we try to discount our real wood options as much as we possibly can on both our clearance items and high end wood flooring options. 

52% Off
15mm Golden Imperial Engineered Oak Flooring

15mm Golden Imperial Engineered Oak Flooring

Full Price:
£41.66 /m²
Sale Price:
£19.99 /m²
19% Off
15mm x 120mm Engineered Oak Flooring

15mm x 120mm Engineered Oak Flooring

Full Price:
£43.35 /m²
Sale Price:
£34.99 /m²

About Our Engineered Wood Flooring

Floor Depot are always acquiring our engineered wood options from several sources at much better rates than our competitors, and we pass these savings on to our customers where possible. We have budget options from 7.5mm thick up to high end 20mm thick natural oak engineered wood. We have light oaks, dark oaks, walnut flooring, birch wood and several other choices to suit almost any taste...and all at low amazing prices.

Why should I choose Engineered wood rather than solid wood?

There are many benifits to choosing engineered wood over solid wood, one key benifit is it's stability it offers when room temperature changes such as in colder and warmer months of the year. With solid wood flooring there is a risk of the floor expanding and contracting causing the flooring to move and possibly warp if not fitted correctly. With engineered wood the cross-ply base provides a much more stable platform.

Another great benifit is the cost...because we arn't using a huge chunk of solid oak for every plank it's cheaper to produce, we sell around 90% eningeered wood flooring now compared to 10% solid oak.

What is the wear layer on engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring comes with a wear layer or veneer, this is the top layer of the flooring which is pure solid oak (or other species such as walnut etc). So if the wood flooring is 14mm thick in total, out of this 14mm you may have a 3mm wear layer of real oak and the other 11mm would be a base made from cross-ply.